If you have a Will – congratulations. ( If you don’t, just go to to create a customized Will that fits your personal situation.) But either way, you should understand that when you create a Will you’ve only done half the job. Life is uncertain and bad things happen to good people – to healthy and young people as well as older people – every day. Suppose you have an accident or illness that leaves you temporarily (or permanently) unable to communicate your wishes. Who is going to speak for you? How will your family and doctors know what kind of medical treatment you want (or don’t want)?

There is a solution.  

It’s called an Advance Directive.

(Some people use the term “Living Will or “Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care” or “Health Care Power of Attorney.” But an Advance Directive is much more. It combines the features of all these into a single form.)

An Advance Directive provides you a legal way you can tell doctors your wishes concerning your life, health and care – including the following matters (and your doctors are required by law to follow those wishes):

•  what kind of extreme medical procedures you want your doctors to perform (and not perform) to keep you alive.

•  if you are in a coma do you want to have a feeding tube/hydration – or do you want to die a natural death?

•  if you want your doctors to emphasize “comfort care” (pain management medication that will make your natural death easier).

An Advance Directive also allows you to select a person you trust and who knows your wishes … and give him/her the legal authority (and obligation) to make health care decisions for you if you are unable to make them for yourself.

All Advance Directives are not the same

In preparing this message I reviewed more than 300 advance directives (living wills and durable power of attorney forms). I noticed that, although some states require witnesses and others require notarization (and one state doesn’t require either), the really important parts of the advance directives – the way you make your decisions – range from simplistic to very complicated. Most of those documents are either too general or include multiple choice options that may be too broad to guide decisions about the medical situation you may be faced with.

I knew there had to be a better way

So I combined the best features of each of the forms. The result was an advance directive that gives you a broad range of choices concerning your end-of-life treatment and contains clear explanations of all those choices.

Then I carefully reviewed the laws of all 50 states and created 50 state-specific enhanced advance directives that comply with that state’s law. I linked all 50 of them to this website. You can get my enhanced advance directive for your state for only $17.  Just click here.

Use it for 30 days. If you aren’t absolutely delighted with it, just send me an email at I will send you a full refund as soon as I receive your email.  No questions.  No hassle

Don’t wait.  Order your enhanced advance directive today.


Howard E. Deutch


P.S. Remember that you have nothing to lose by ordering your enhanced advance directive now. Besides the obvious benefits, you will also eliminate pain and suffering for yourself … and for your loved ones. Order today by clicking on enhanced advance directive.

To get your enhanced Advance Directive, just click this button









To get your enhanced Advance Directive, just click this button











To get your enhanced Advance Directive, just click this button